Female To Undergo A Trial On The Accusation Of Gashing Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprioThe judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles named Edmund Wilcox has commanded a female named Aretha Wilson to undergo a trial on the arraignment of lacerating the visage of Leonardo DiCaprio with glass during a gala in 2005. Leonardo happens to be the renowned and acclaimed actor of Hollywood, whose recent film, Inception, has garnered constructive reviews. The 40-year-old Aretha will have to defend herself against one count of attack with a lethal weapon. Aretha also has to cope with the accusation that she engendered massive physical harm in Leonardo.

The particulars and the degree of the facial wounds of Leonardo have not been publicized. Nevertheless, Judge Edmund has been bequeathed the snapshots of the gashes to the neck and ears of Leonardo. The Judge has assessed those snapshots and has mentioned that those gashes cannot be referred to as moderate and inconsequential. Leonardo did not attend the most recent hearing.

Aretha was sent back to Los Angeles to be present for the progress of this 5-year-old case. She has pleaded that she is blameless and continues to be incarcerated as a replacement for $150,000 bail. Aretha will have to be in a state dungeon for seven years if she is found guilty.

The legal representative of Aretha happens to be Freddy Sayegh, who has asserted that this pronouncement of the judge was unforeseen. Aretha has adamantly articulated her blamelessness. Freddy has claimed that he deemed that the hearing against Aretha will be launched within 60 days. She is scheduled to be there in the courthouse on September 9.

The powers that be have remarked that Aretha battered Leonardo with a damaged beer bottle. Nonetheless, an eyewitness has said that it was a wine glass. The criminal remonstration against Aretha recognizes the object of battering as glass only.

- Just Flashed News Service