EXTRA: Spain's Zapatero predicts "great cooperation" with US

Spain's Zapatero predicts "great cooperation" with US Vina del Mar, Chile  - Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said Saturday in Chile that his country and the United States are launching "a stage of great cooperation."

The Spanish leader - who took part in the Progressive Leaders' Summit in the Chilean resort town of Vina del Mar alongside US Vice President Joe Biden - said he wishes great success to the administration of US President Barack Obama.

"My government is among those who wish to facilitate things," Zapatero said in the presence of Biden.

"We all have to do whatever is within our reach. My government is going to do it, Europe is going to do it," Zapatero said.

However, he declined to comment directly on the recent dispute with the White House, over Spain's unilateral decision to withdraw its troops from Kosovo, at a time in which Washington wants to concentrate its forces in Afghanistan.

Ties between Spain and the United States were good when the two countries were respectively led by the right-wing governments of Jose Maria Aznar and George W Bush. However, the centre-left Zapatero had a difficult relationship with Bush. (dpa)

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