Eva Mandes upset over failure to get invite for Obama’s swearing in ceremony

Washington, December 17 : Actress Eva Mendes is upset that she has not been invited to U. S. president-elect Barack Obama''s inauguration into the White House, which will take place on January 20.

"Hottest ticket party in town. I thought I had some pull - I usually do, and I''ve been shut down. It''s the hardest party to get into," Contactmusic quoted the actress, who is a big fan of Obama, as telling Access Hollywood.

The beauty, however, added that she would keep trying for a ticket to the historical event.

"We are still working on it, but I understand the whole thing. They don''t want to make (it) a celebrity studded event because I understand this in an extremely crucial time in our history and in our world right now. And I understand not wanting to make (it) a star-studded event; I completely understand that. But of course, I would love to go and be there," she said. (ANI)