Edakkal caves re-excavated after 114 years in Kerala

Edakkal cavesKalpetta (Kerala), Apr 3 : A re-excavation, conducted after 114 years, by the Kerala State Archeology Department has unearthed 40 odd engravings, artifacts of Neolithic period and some tools used for chiseling these huge engravings at the renowned Edakkal Caves.

The Edakkal Caves are situated at Ambukuthi mountain ranges near Ambalavayal, about 12 km from Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad district of Kerala.

The size of each engraving in the lower part ranges from two feet and the upper part contains engravings of more than six feet in size.

The stone carvings inside the caves shed light on the life and culture of the ancient cavemen who lived in the Neolithic era or New Stone Age, from 4000 BC to 1700 BC.

After conducting trail digs in December last year the department decided to go for a full fledged digging on March 14 to clean and re-excavate the caves due to sediment-metal and dust deposits up to 90 centimeters deep.

The entire operation was led by Hemachandran, Superintending Archaeologist and D. Mohanan, Excavation officer of the state’s Archaeology Department.

Hemachandran said: "During the re-excavation we have got many important artifacts used by these people including a round stone tool used for chiseling and this is a major finding as in earlier trials we did not get artifacts and this will definitely help us in studying more about the engravings and its creators".

A detailed report on the analysis would be available in a few months, Hemachandran said.

Archeologists believe that this is a major finding after 1894, which will help to assess their antiquity and significance to the drawings that already exist in the cave.

Fred Fawcett, Superintendent of Police of the then Malabar District, discovered the Edakkal Caves in 1890. (ANI)

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