E-book Reader range widened by Sony

With taking a step forward in technology, a new electronic book reader will E-book Reader range widened by Sony soon be introduced by Sony in U.S., which will add in the already existing range of the company’s E-book Reader. The new book reader comes with upgraded hardware and is expected to be available for sale in November. 

The new E-book Reader dubbed as PRS-700 has similar 6-inch electronic paper display like that in 505, which is presently on sale. However a touch panel and a reading light are the extra features added to the screen of the new model. The function of the touch panel is to let the users turn pages on-screen and further will also give the advantage to search through e-books by using an on-screen keyboard and highlight passages using a stylus. While in dark surroundings, the light will help in reading. 

The new model can store around 350 e-books in its internal memory and more books can be stored through Memory Stick or SD Card media. The battery is capable to support up to 7,500 pages of continuous reading. The e-book format with which it is compatible, includes Sony's BBeB (Broadband electronic book), Microsoft Word documents, Adobe PDF and the International Digital Publishing Forum's XML-based EPUB format. 

Though detailed specifications of this new model have not been issued by Sony, it has been revealed that the size of this E-book Reader would be of a “slimmed-down paperback book” with weight of about “10 ounces” (280 grams). The initial model PRS-505 has a body weight of 260 grams. 

The PRS-700, which would be available by next month, will carry a price tag of US$400 that is $100 more than the PRS-505, which will remain on sale. This launch would be held in U.S. alone and no plans for the launch of this product outside U.S. were disclosed. 

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