Don’t use currency notes to make garlands: RBI

Don’t use currency notes to make garlands: RBIThe national currency should not be used for making garlands or showering on personalities at social events, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said.

Urging people to show respect to the currency and curb their enthusiasm, the central pointed out that using the bank notes in making garlands or for showering on personalities deface the notes and also shorten their life.

Making the appeal as part of its "clean note" campaign, the RBI said, "Bank notes should be respected as they are a symbol of the sovereign and people should not misuse them and help in increasing the life of bank notes."

The RBI added that it had been taking all possible steps to ensure supply of clean currency to the people, adding that people should also give their contribution to its efforts.

It is an old, common practice in India to shower currency notes on bride and groom in wedding ceremonies. People also shower currency notes on personalities in social event. In a recent case, an MLA aspirant in Delhi was caught in cameras while he was showering money on dancers in an effort to persuade voters.

The RBI can only urge people to stop making such misuses of currency notes because the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, or the RBI Act, 1934, has no provision that can bar such misuses of notes.