Dietary Antioxidants Help Arteries Stay Fit

Dietary Antioxidants Help Arteries Stay FitAccording to new study, dietary antioxidants including vitamin C and vitamin E, if taken as supplements over a long period of time, keep arterial blood vessels healthy and flexible in patients who booze and smoke.

Antioxidants defend cells from the attacks of free radicals - molecules responsible for maturating as well as tissue damage.

Boffins reported that these optimistic results in a randomized controlled examination of mutual vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and selenium capsules.

Reuven Zimlichman and other scientists from the Wolfson Medical Centre, Israel, examined 70 sufferers from the centre's hypertension clinic.

"Antioxidant supplementation significantly increased large and small artery elasticity in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk (smoking and drinking) factors," said Zimlichman.

"It also improved glucose and lipid metabolism and decreased blood pressure," he added.

The results of the research were issued in Nutrition and Metabolism. (With Inputs from Agencies)