Demand of inflation

Bank-of-EnglandInstead of expectations of better economy, Britons are getting worst hit in 2011. And the interest rates will not be increased by the Bank of England until there is a rise in inflation.

The economy will be controlled by these two paradoxes over the next 12 months. Data released in the first few days of this year has highlighted it.

It has been a fun time for services other than goods for export which is driving rise in economic for the first time since last recession in the mid-1990s of Britain's recovery.

It is hoped that 2010's tepid pace will keep continuing with rise in 2011 as Britain is trying to repair its deepest recession since World War Two.

Its self-governing government predicting unit, the Office for Budget Responsibility, has forecasted in past November that this year the economy will develops from 2.1 percent. Last year it had 1.8 percent growth in 2010.

Ross Walker, an economist at Royal Bank of Scotland has alleged that the scale of the recession, which is provided, is a just disinterested recovery.