DeGeneres’ semi-nude male dancers’ ploy fails to lure Clooney to her show

Washington, Dec 6 : Ellen DeGeneres seems to have taken Brad Pitt’s ‘Chippendales’ suggestions rather too seriously, for she actually sent the dancers to George Clooney’s office, say reports.

However, all her efforts went down the drain.

The practical joke was set up after Pitt told DeGeneres that a surefire way to secure an interview with Clooney on her show would be to lure him with Chippendales dancers, reports Contactmusic.

Therefore, Ellen, who desperately wanted to have Clooney on her show, sent semi-clad hunks to his office on December 5, according to insiders.

The six dancers performed a routine dance as soon as they entered Clooney’s office, leaving Clooney''s assistants and secretaries totally red faced, the source said.

Sadly, however, Clooney was not in his office to witness the drama. (ANI)