Daimler-Chrysler Achieves Milestone By Rolling Out 20,000th Passenger Car

To achieve a milestone in the luxury car segment, Auto Major Mercedes Benz 'E' Class ModelDaimler-Chrysler has rolled out its 20,000th passenger car in the 'E' Class, on Wednesday, from Mercedes Benz India’s plant in Chikali.

While lecturing on the occasion, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, Dr Wilfried Aulbur stated, “'The Indian market is growing rapidly and the growing economy is fostering our growth. The luxury segment has grown and we have already registered sales of 60 per cent over the previous.”

“We have aggressive plans for the future and will enter the commercial bus segment in the latter half of the year. Besides we have plans to bring out more variants in the passenger segment in the future. We already have 13 variants in India, but are now looking at different business models that are sustainable,” Dr Aulbur said.

Dr Aulbur informed that the company had presence in 28 cities for luxury passenger cars in India, while the Actros was popular with miners.

In order to meet up the rising demand, Mercedes is transferring from its current facility to a plant that will have five times larger manufacturing capacity.

At present, the annual manufacturing capacity of the facility stood at 4,000 units. However, the new plant at Chakan will start with a capacity of 5,000 units that will be expanded to 20,000 by next 5-8 years. Together with the popular cars, the company will also assemble the Actros range of trucks and bus chassis at its new plant.

Suhas Kadlaskar, director of crporate affairs, Mercedes Benz India said, “We were the pioneers to open a shop here in 1995 and in such a less time we have achieved 20,000 vehicles. It sure is a great moment for us.”

On the occasion, Kadlaskar also declared that company aims to sell 1,094 cars during the first quarter of 2008.

“The market for Mercedes in India is getting very strong. It is an unprecedented increase. Last year, during the same period, we sold 690 cars,” Kadlaskar added.

Mercedes Benz buses are expected to hit Indian roads in the second half of 2008.