Convert iPhone into Wii-like Controller

Convert iPhone into Wii-like ControllerApple has been taking initiatives to popularize iPhone and iPod touch as mobile gaming platforms with many big game publishers like EA, Sega and others, already rolling out iPhone OS version games. But now, Social Gaming Network has come up with MMO concept of gaming over iPhone and iPod Touch.

The gaming applications were showcased by the game developers on Facebook, Hi5, Bebo and MySpace, who also showcased their four sports games - iGolf, iBaseball, iBasketball and iBowl - on Apple App Store.

And presently, a latest service called iFun was announced by SGN, whose best part is that it turns iPhone and iPod touch into Wii-like controller. The accelerometer, equipped in both Apple devices, the games are designed to make the best of it. To understand what iFun is, it can be defined as an app that converts iPhone or iPod Touch device to MMO gaming device by connecting user via internet.

The user, first off all, needs to download this app from iTunes link and then register an account at iFun page login or use existing Facebook login.

The user can enjoy playing these games on the phone itself or even with other people over the internet, by connecting it through WiFi, which is more practical, or can even connect it through GPRS.

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