Congress and BJP bigwigs campaign in Madhya Pradesh

Congress and BJP bigwigs campaign in Madhya PradeshNarsinghpur/Jabalpur (MP), Nov 25: Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi has refuted the BJP''s allegations of being soft on terror.

Addressing a public rally in Gadarbada town of Narsinghpur District on Monday, Gandhi said: "It was whose rule when our parliament was attacked? Was it Congress'' rule or BJP ? Tell me, whose rule was it? Besides this they are asking an account of 50 years of our rule. Such people are asking, who since independence have been poisoning the society and dividing the people. Such people should feel ashamed,"

Senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani told a party rally in Jabalpur that the Congress party’s coining of the term "Hindu terrorist" after the recent arrests in the September 29 Malegaon blast would have a damaging a effect on Indian democracy.

"What is Hindu terrorist? Terrorist is a terrorist, be it of any faith or any religion, he is a terrorist and a criminal. He is an enemy of the country and democracy and he should not be forgiven," he added.

Leaders of various political parties are holding election rallies in different parts of the state in a bid to woo voters. Polling would be held for 230 seats on Thursday.

The Election Commission has directed that proper and effective arrangements must be made in the bordering areas of Uttar Pradesh to check the anti social elements from the neighboring state. (ANI)

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