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Lockheed Martin to Buy Sikorsky Aircraft for Over $8 Billion

Lockheed Martin to Buy Sikorsky Aircraft for Over $8 Billion

Sources reported that Lockheed Martin Corp has agreed to buy United Technologies Corp’s Sikorsky Aircraft for over $8 billion. The deal would confirm Lockheed’s dominance in weapon making and giving the Black Hawk helicopter to the maker of the F-35 fighter jet.

It is said that the deal will prove to be profitable for Lockheed the defense business of Boeing Co and Northrop Grumman Corp. Lockheed already has an annual revenues of around $45 billion and dwarves its nearest competitors.

Sources familiar with the matter told that the deal will make Lockheed less reliant on the $391 billion F-35 fighter jet business. It will even expand its overseas sales by adding Sikorsky’s iconic Black Hawk helicopters to a product line that already spans everything from satellites to naval ships.

Korea Aerospace Industries is Preferred Bidder for Korean Fighter Experimental aircraft project

Korea Aerospace Industries is Preferred Bidder for Korean Fighter Experimental

On Monday, South Korea has named Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd as the preferred bidder for an ambitious deal involving the development of a new fighter jet.

The deal is considered to be as one of South Korea's most ambitious weapons development programs. The project is named as KF-X, Korean Fighter Experimental. The new fighter jet will replace the old fleet of F-4s and F-5s.

The South Korean contractor was of the view that it is a multibillion-dollar deal. Initial investment on the project is 8.7 trillion won and the total cost in the project would be more than double that amount.

More than 50% of the investment in the project will be from the Seoul and 20% will be from Indonesia and the remaining part will come from KAI and its technology-support partner Lockheed Martin Corp.

Lockheed Martin Successfully Tests ATHENA

Lockheed Martin Successfully Tests ATHENA

Lockheed Martin has successfully tested a new laser weapon system ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset) that can disable the engine of a small truck from more than a mile away in a matter of seconds.

Usually, a laser pointer has a beam of around 1 milliwatt, but ATHENA creates a beam of 30 kilowatts, which is 30 million times more.

While describing the weapon system, Lockheed Martin said that it is the "highest power ever documented by a laser weapon of its type" and is economical too.

Recently, web magazine Engadget reported that the cost of firing one surface-to-air missile is about $400,000. The experimental laser costs about 59 cents per shot.

During testing, the truck was not actually running but was up on the props for the test with the engine running and in drive.

Lockheed Martin bags key South Korean order

Lockheed Martin bags key South Korean orderDefence aviation major, Lockheed Martin Corp has said that it has bagged a key order from the government of South Korea.

The company said that South Korea has selected its F-35 Lightning II aircraft for its F-X fighter acquisition program. The company said that Lockheed Martin will become the third foreign country to include the F-35 in its fleet after Israel and Japan. Israel had ordered F-35A in 2010 and Japan ahd selected the same in 2011.

Hackers increasing their attack against corporations

Hackers increasing their attack against corporationsThe recent hacking attacks on defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp. and broadcaster PBS have shown that the hackers are increasing targeting business corporations and it exposes the risk posed to the information systems of firms worldwide on the internet.

Lockheed trounces ‘significant’ hacking attach, protects data

Lockheed trounces ‘significant’ hacking attach, protects dataThe world’s leading defense contractor, Lockheed Martin Corp has successfully trounced a severe hacking attach on its systems.

The company affirmed that no data on its customers, programs or employees has been affected by a “significant and tenacious” attack on its information technology system. The company detected the attack on May 21 and its security team worked sleeplessly to fight the hackers and protect data from theft.

Cobra pilots to get more TSS units

CobraIt has been reported that the U.S. Marine Corps will receive more advanced targeting gear for attack helicopters under a contract awarded to Lockheed Martin.

18 additional Target Sight System units are authorized under the $44 million follow-on production contract, Lockheed Martin said in an announcement on Monday.

Col. Harry Hewson, Marine Program Manager, A276, said, "I am confident that TSS is exacting the system our Cobra pilots need to put warheads on target. TSS provides the eyes and the combat power Marine pilots need to support other Marines on the battlefield."

Lockheed Martin announces successful test for Scorpion munition

Lockheedmartin1Lockheed Martin said on Monday that a new lightweight and unpowered munition that glides to a when released from an aircraft has been successfully tested.

The Scorpion was released from a C-130 aircraft at an altitude of 5,000 feet over the Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. After release its wings and tail fins deployed and the bomb then glided toward its target using a semi-active laser for guidance, the company has said.

Lockheed Martin announced appointment of new head of its Aeronautics unit

Lockheed-MartinAccording to official reports, U. S. defense contractor Lockheed Martin Monday announced the appointment of a new head of its Aeronautics unit and other executive leadership changes.

Lockheed Martin named Dan Crowley as its Aeronautics chief operating officer following his success with the company's F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft program. Crowley was the executive vice president and general manager of the F-35 program during the critical development phases as the program transitioned into production.

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