Algorithm that predicts upcoming top model with 80% accuracy

Algorithm that predicts upcoming top model with 80% accuracy

A team of researchers from Indiana University has an answer to who will be next top model. The researchers said they have formulated an algorithm that can assess Instagram data from New York Fashion week and estimate who will be the upcoming top model with 80% accuracy.

Researchers said they have to predict many factors like the number of runways walked, number of Instagram followers, amount of posts per month, likes and comments on these posts, along with their association with modeling agencies to know the popularity level of the model.

Bug made Instagram's private account pictures accessible to anyone with right link

instagramWashington, Jan 13 : An investigation has found that certain photographs on Instagram's private accounts were accessible to anyone with the right link.

According to The Verge, the bug, which was closed as a result of Quartz's work, meant that photos posted to a public Instagram account would remain available even after the account was made private.

Instagram's tricky sharing settings is said to be behind the privacy glitch. (ANI)

Instagram now worth 35 billion dollars

instagramWashington, Dec 20 : Citigroup has reexamined the valuation of Instagram that was recently bought by Facebook, revealing that the app is now worth 35 billion dollars.

Citi had previously said that Instagram valued at 19 billion dollars, reported the Verge.

Instagram earlier announced that it has over 300 million active users per month which resulted in the app's increased value. The current number of users of Instagram also results in the application faster than expected growth.

Citigroup also said that if Instagram fully monetizes Facebook's networks, it could contribute around two billion dollar annual revenue to the social networking site. (ANI)

Instagram adds five new filters for still images

InstagramWashington, Dec 17 - Instagram has reportedly added five new filters to give users more options to experiment with still images.

According to Tech Crunch, each of the new filters has a slightly odd-sounding name. The five filters are called Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua.

The Instagram blog says that the filters soften and subtly shift colors to achieve the look and feel the user wants for each photo.

The app will also use a preview of the user's actual photo within the filter icons as opposed to the ultra-familiar hot air balloon preview, the report added. (ANI)

Instagram's monthly user base surpasses Twitter's by hitting 300 mln mark

InstagramWashington, Dec 11 : Just nine months after it hit the 200 million mark, Instagram has now said that 300 million now use its photo app every month with 70 percent of them coming from outside the United States.

The figure makes the app bigger than Twitter which had 284 million active users six weeks ago, reported Tech Crunch.

Despite fears that the acquisition by Facebook will have an adverse impact on the app, Instagram has been doing well for four years now with 70 million photos being shared on it every day and over 30 billion total. (ANI)

Instagram introduces much requested 'caption editing' tool

instagramWashington, Nov 11 : Instagram has introduced a new tool for iOS and Android operating systems wherein the users can easily edit the caption of their pictures after posting them.

According to PCWorld, the company said that caption editing has been Instagram's most requested feature till now.

Now users can edit the picture caption by simply clicking the "..." in the bottom right of the post and selecting "edit".

The Fecebook owned app has also modified its search to find friends and photographers outside the usual circle of users. Instagram's "explore" tab that earlier looked like compass had been changed to a magnifying glass.

Crashed Instagram leads users to lash out on Twitter

InstagramLondon, Aug 29 : Photo sharing app Instagram was reportedly crashed last night, and users took Twitter to express their disappointment.

However, Instagram itself tweeted that it was experiencing some technical issues and was working on a fix. But this was not enough to prevent its users taking to Twitter to complain.

One of the users tweeted that 'Instagram is down. Looks like I am spending the night driving around friends' houses asking to look at their dinners again.'

While another wrote 'Instagram crashes causing worldwide panic for addicted'

Iranian court reportedly summoned Mark Zuckerberg for privacy breaches in Whatsapp, Instagram

Mark-ZuckerbergWashington, May 28 : A case against Whatsapp and Instagram is reportedly filed in an Iranian court for alleged privacy breaches.

Citizens complained about the two apps which led to the case.

According to The Verge, owner of both the apps, Mark Zuckerberg has been summoned to defend the claims and potentially pay for damages, though it's quite unlikely that he'll show.

However, Chief Prosecutor Ali Alghasimehr said that Zuckerberg has not been summoned, and that both Instagram and WhatsApp remain accessible within Iran. (ANI)

Instagram becoming 'really hot property' that Twitter

twitter-InstagramWashington, Dec 31 : Photo and video sharing site Instagram is becoming more popular than microblogging site Twitter, a new survey has found.

The survey from the Pew Research Center's Internet Project found that Twitter is neck-and-neck with the Facebook-owned photo application when it comes to their respective audiences.

Pew found that 18 percent of online adults now use Twitter, while 17 percent of online adults now use Instagram.

According to CNET, PEW concluded that Twitter and Instagram have particular appeal to younger adults, urban dwellers and non-whites.

Iran temporarily blocks Instagram

Iran temporarily blocks InstagramWashington, Dec 30 : For approximately 12 hours, Iran had blocked Instagram in the country.

Instagram became the latest victim of Iran's Internet censorship system commonly known as the 'Filternet'.

According to Mashable, the popular photo-sharing network appeared to be the latest casualty of Iran's most recent online clampdown, despite promises of more Internet freedom by the new government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Then just a few hours later, the site was unblocked, and Iranian officials denied any wrongdoing. (ANI)

Instagram all set to announce rumored private messaging feature

Instagram all set to announce rumored private messaging featureFacebook-owned Instagram is all set to hold a press event in New York. The company has so far revealed no details about what the event would offer, but swirling rumors suggest that the event would be used to announce a new private messaging feature.

The company announced the press event last week, inviting media persons to "share a moment" in the Instagram team. 

Many observers are of the view that the new messaging service would be called 'Moments' and that it would be integrated into the main Instagram application.

Instagram invites press to 'share a moment' event on Dec. 12

Instagram invites press to 'share a moment' event on Dec. 12Instagram, which is owned by the world's biggest social-networking site Facebook, has sent out an invitation to members of the media for an event in the New York City on 12th of December this year.

The photo-sharing social network invited media person to "share a moment" with Kevin Systrom and the team behind Instagram. The recently-announced event will start at 10 a. m. on 12th of this month in Midtown Manhattan.

Thanksgiving 2013 marks Instagram's busiest day ever

Thanksgiving 2013 marks Instagram's busiest day ever This year's Thanksgiving marked the busiest day for the widely-popular video-sharing service Instagram, as a great number of people used the service to share their holiday related pictures with their friends and relatives.

It may be noted here that Thanksgiving 2013 and the first full day of Hanukkah fell on the same day, November's last Thursday, for the first time since 1888.  Occurrence of both Thanksgiving and Hanukkah encourage more and more people to share their picture with others.

Instagram informs users about its updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Instagram informs users about its updated Privacy Policy and Terms of ServiceIn a January 17-dated email to its users, the popular photo-sharing service Instagram said that it is implementing a new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service which will become effective from January 19.

Informing the users that it has updated the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for its photo-sharing app, Instagram - which, as per recent statistics, have more than 90 million active monthly users - said that the changes made to both the policies will take effect January 19.

Instagram lost nearly half its users due to ‘changes in terms of services’

InstagramNew York, Jan 11 : Number of users on photo-sharing app Instagram has declined after an Internet uproar last month over policy changes to the service, a new data has revealed.

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook last year, sparked anger with terms of use suggesting it could sell users' photos to advertisers.

Instagram called it a `misunderstanding' and reverted to its old terms of use.

AppData, which tracks users who are logged into Instagram via Facebook, showed a 25 percent drop in Instagram's active daily users, to 12.4 million, from 16.4 million from December 19 to 26, the New York Post reports.

Top 10 most popular places on Instagram in 2012 revealed

s/suvarnabhumi-airport-in-bangkok.New York, Dec 29 : Instagram has revealed the top 10 most popular places that users have uploaded pictures of on their website.

An airport in Thailand, Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport grabbed the number one spot, the New York Daily News reported.

According to a company blog post, almost 100,000 photos were shot, filtered and shared there last year.

The appropriately nicknamed "Airport of Smiles," can handle 45 million travellers every year.

Instagram backs off controversial change to its Terms of Use policy

Instagram backs off controversial change to its Terms of Use policy With users lashing out at Instagram over the changes made to its Terms of Use and privacy policy, the popular photo-sharing service backed off the controversial changes on Thursday.

Disclosing that Instagram had made a reversal on the proposed changes, the company's co-founder Kevin Systrom said in a late Thursday blog post that the changes would be backpacked by the Instagram executives, and the company will revert back to the policy which was already in use before the changes were announced.

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram expanding to the web

Popular photo-sharing app Instagram expanding to the webIn an earlier this week blog post, the Facebook-owned widely-popular photo-sharing app Instagram revealed its plans to expand to the web, by introducing new profiles over the web in the next few days.

Instagram - which was originally designed for mobile handsets - said in the announcement that the new web profiles feature will give its over 100 million users a profile picture, bio, as well as a selection of their latest snap shots.

Instagram updates its photo-sharing app to take advantage of iOS 6

Instagram updates its photo-sharing app to take advantage of iOS 6Within a week of the launch of Apple's iPhone 5, equipped with the company's next-generation mobile operating system, iOS 6, Instagram has announced an upgrade to its popular photo-sharing app so as to benefit from the new iOS version.

Updating its app to version 3.1.0, and commencing its roll out to all iOS users on Tuesday, Instagram said that the upgraded app has been optimized for iPhone 5; thereby implying that the app has been extended to take advantage of the 4-inch screen of the new iPhone.

Facebook closes $715 million acquisition deal for Instagram

Facebook closes $715 million acquisition deal for InstagramAlmost in coincidence with highly-popular photo-sharing app Instagram's recent disclosure that it has hit the `5 billion photos shared' milestone, an Associated Press (AP) report revealed that social network Facebook is finally through with the $715 million acquisition of Instagram.

According to the AP report, Facebook closed the cash-plus-stock Instagram deal on Friday, August 31. Since Facebook's share price at that time was $18.06, the total value of the Instagram deal was $715.38 million.

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