Clinton expected to announce her presidential campaign within next two weeks

By the time Hillary Rodham Clinton will make an announcement about her presidential campaign, about a dozen people in a nondescript office building overlooking the Potomac River will spread the news with the help of email and social media to millions of her supporters asking them to sign onto her campaign.

It is expected that Clinton will make announcement about her presidential campaign within the next two weeks and focus on smaller events rather than large rallies. New starting of Clinton will mark the end of Ready for Hillary that launched two years ago in order to lay the groundwork for a Clinton campaign, organized her sprawling network of supporters and promoted the previous secretary of state on campuses at small meetings and Democratic rallies.

It is going to leave behind a data-rich list of volunteers and financial supporters to be tapped for campaign of Clinton. A former deputy White House chief of staff under Bill Clinton, Harold Ickes was doubtful when approached by two of the group's leaders, Allida Black and Adam Parkhomenko. '

Allida Black is a George Washington University professor and Parkhomenko worked on Hillary Clinton's first presidential campaign and also became executive director of the group. It is expected that the lists of supporters will be transferred to or rented by Clinton's campaign and up-to-date roadmap of volunteers, donors and advocates will also be provided.

These volunteers, donors and advocates will be called upon in the months ahead. The group is also thinking to post its list of top donors on the Internet and make it accessible to Clinton's campaign and Democrats running in 2016.