Climate Change Threatens Asia - Report

The UN Intergovernmental board on global climate changes alleges both floods and water shortfalls affects Asia due to global warming.

In various countries, the risk of hunger is expected to remain ‘very high’.

An inter-governmental conference on climate change liberated in Brussels figures that the crops outputs could boost up to 20% in east and Southeast Asia whereas showing a reduction of 30% in central and south Asia by mid-21st century.

Widespread mortality and death because of diarrheic infection mainly linked with floods and droughts are likely to go up in east, southeast and south Asia by reason of hydrological cycle connected with global warming, it notifies.

“Increases in coastal water temperatures would exacerbate the abundance and toxicity of Cholera in south Asia,” the report says.

The details also visualizes that glacier dissolve in Himalayas, which would boost flooding, rock avalanche from destabilized inclines and have an effect on water resources by next two or three decades. This all would be accompanied by diminished river flows as the glacier melts.

Fresh water availability in central, south, east and south East Asia is likely to decrease due to climatic change.

This together with population expansion and rising demand bulging out of higher standards of living could negatively impact over a one billion people.

Coastal areas, particularly highly populated mega-delta regions in south, east and Southeast Asia will be at the higher risk because of increased flooding from sea and in some mega-deltas flooding by rivers.

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