CID Website Hacked

CID Website Hacked Even as India and Pakistan renew efforts to resolve contentious issues through dialogue, it seems that a virtual war is going on between the two countries in cyberspace.

The latest news is that the official website of the Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department (CID) has been hacked by pro-Pakistan hackers.

It is believed that the hacker who claimed himself to be Pakistani, also fiddled with website of a news channel and that of Bank Of Baroda. However, when accessed in the last evening, both these websites were found to be in the working condition.

As per the officials, there was no ‘secret’ information on the website of and it was also open to the public. Therefore it has not affected the department in any way. However, the Cyber Crime Wing of the CID is leaving no stone unturned to locate the hacker taking help of his ip address.

The hacker boasts: “HackeD By ZombiE_KsA. You have been owned by Pakistani 133 t h 4xOrz ….. Indians script kiddies you guyz hack Paki OGRA website lol. See what i DID your ….. Indian CID? HackeD lol.”

Speaking on this, Additional DGP (Law and Order) A K Khan said, “The hacking is real but it has not caused any damage to the CID or any other department. It appears that someone wanted to prove that he could hack our website and he did”.

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