Choose your netbook Linux variant carefully

Choose your netbook Linux variant carefully Munich  - Linux is a reasonable choice as an operating system for use with netbooks. That said, netbook buyers are advised not to install just any old version of Linux onto their machine.

The large standard versions from Ubuntu and Open Suse are primarily intended for use with PCs, for example. They will not necessarily run well on the somewhat specialised hardware found in some netbooks.

That means functions like WLAN may simply not work without additional customisations, reports Munich-based PC Welt Linux magazine. Installing the drivers after the initial installation requires a certain amount of experience in the Linux environment.

The experts instead suggest that buyers look at the line of Linux distributions specially tailored for the requirements of the small laptops. They work more effectively with the little displays, for example. Among the Linux packages best suited for netbooks are Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Easy Peasy, and Linpus Linux Lite. (dpa)