Chiranjeevi proposes ''Fourth Front'' after Lok Sabha elections

Chiranjeevi proposes ''Fourth Front'' after Lok Sabha electionsHyderabad, Apr. 5 : Even before registering its maiden political success in General Elections, actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi hopes that his party may have a role in giving birth to a ''Fourth Front''.

"My feeling is that why should a fourth front not be formed at the Centre. Those parties which are opposed to the current formations can join hands with us to from the fourth front," Praja Rajyam Party (PRP) Chief Chiranjeevi said on Sunday.

Chiranjeevi said his party would neither support the BJP-led NDA, nor would it support the UPA, as the Congress is its main rival in Andhra Pradesh.

"Since we are also opposed to the TDP there is no question of supporting the Third Front either," Chiranjeevi added.

Asked which party would the PRP support or which party support it would take in case of a hung assembly, Chiranjeevi said such scenario could be ruled out completely.

"The people are very clear and there is no confusion in their minds," he said.

On the likelihood of making a Dalit chief minister, if PRP comes to power, Chiranjeevi said it all depends on people''s wish.

"If the people want, Chiranjeevi will become the chief minister or a Dalit can occupy that post," he said. (ANI)

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