Chinese EV brand DAO launches DAO 703 e-scooter in India’s fast-growing EV market

Chinese EV brand DAO launches DAO 703 e-scooter in India’s fast-growing EV market

As the vast two-wheeler market of India is gearing towards sustainable, electric personal mobility solutions, more and more well-established manufacturers as well as startups are coming forward with innovative environment-friendly, zero-emissions EVs. Most recently, Chinese EV startup DAO has launched a new electric scooter, called the DAO 703.

The DAO 703 e-scooter has been designed specifically keeping consumers’ daily commuting requirements in mind. It comes equipped with a lithium-iron-phosphate battery that supplies power to a brushless DC electric motor rated at 3.5kW. This small electric motor produces the equivalent of 4.7 horsepower (hp), which is enough to propel the EV to an eventual top speed of 70 km per hour. According to the manufacturer, the battery provides a driving range of 100 km on a single charge. However, as usual with any EV, the range will greatly depend on your driving style, as well as how eager you are with the throttle. Overall, the new EV offers great performance.

The EV market is growing at an unprecedented rate day after day, and there is no doubt that EVs are the future. That is why more manufacturers are launching electric two-wheelers in India and the world around. DAO, the Chinese brand that primarily manufactures e-scooters aims to capitalize on India’s fast-growing EV market, which is shifting from internal combustion engines to EVs.

In addition to ensuring performance, the manufacturer has equipped the DAO 703 with an extensive list of technologies. It has a massive nine-inch LCD display, a reverse gear, and an innovative system called Intelligent Release System. The so-called Intelligent Release System is essentially a high tech version of a kill-switch that makes use of proximity sensors.

Apart from those features, it has been enabled to run without power in an emergency situation, one-click repair function, automatic power-off during a rollover or fall, deep water automatic power off, large torque, reverse switch, cruise mode, anti-theft alarm, find my scooter function, keyless entry, car-style charging port, and central control smart lock,.

In addition to those high-tech features, the 703 e-scooter boasts automatic power-off functionality, which would be very helpful in case of a tip over, cruise control, and even anti-theft alarm. It also has a nifty find-my-scooter functionality.

In India’s fast-growing EV market, the DAO 703 will compete with the likes of the Ather 450X and the TVS iQube. Pricing for the new electric two-wheeler has yet to be released.

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