China's role in Iran sanctions talks welcomed by US

China's role in Iran sanctions talks welcomed by USChina's decision to join discussions at the UN about enacting sanctions on Iran for its refusal to alleviate international concerns about its nuclear activities has been welcomed by the US.

Bill Burton, a White House spokesman, said on Thursday, "Its a very important step."

He said, "The President feels that we've been able to unite the global community in a way that it hasn't been united before in putting pressure on Iran and halting their drive towards nuclear weapons."

Saying on Tuesday that he is not willing to wait months, President Barack Obama hopes the UN Security Council will enact new sanctions on Iran this spring.

Mainly because of its close economic ties to Iran, China, of the five permanent members of the Security Council, has been the most reluctant to back new sanctions.

It is suspected by the US and its allies that Iran is using a civilian nuclear programme as a guise toward acquiring nuclear weapons. However the charges have been rejected by Tehran. (With Inputs from Agencies)