Chicks Fries are Back on Burger King Menu

Fast food Restaurant Company Burger King announced on Monday that it has permanently brought back chicken fries on its menu. The latest move by global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants proved that chicken is a hot seller even Burger king is famous for hamburgers.

Burger King had first launched chicken fries about ten year ago. In 2012, the company had taken the chicken fries off the menu, but now the company has brought them back. While announcing the return of chicken fries, Burger King said that there are a number of fans of chicken fries whose demand has led the chain to bring the product back on the menu.

According to reports, Burger King is not the only company which has brought back chicken fries on the menu. Earlier this month, McDonald's, the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, brought back its Chicken Selects breaded chicken tenders to its menu after taking them off in 2013. McDonald's announced to bring chicken fries back as a limited-time offer.

Burger King said that its chicken fries have a recommended price of $2.89 and there will be nine pieces per order. As per the company's announcement, the chicken fries will be permanently available in Burger King's menu across the United States.

The Miami-based brand further said, "The highly-coveted, timeless dish - breaded chicken shaped like french fries - had created a devoted fan base constantly calling for the return of the menu item, which first debuted in 2005 and was reintroduced seasonally for limited runs".

Eric Hirschhorn, chief marketing officer of North America for Burger King Corp., said that there is another reason to bring back the chicken fries on the menu. In the third quarter, the company's profits were down, and chicken fries were supposed to work in the company's favor.