Cell-Banking Services Fascinate Indians - A Survey

Mumbai: According to an Asia-Pacific broad review commissioned by mobile services vendor Sybase 365 that Indians are most expected to know their accurate bank balance. All at once, Indians are also the most eminent exploiters of balance enquiry services through cell phones and verify their bank balance only when they want to.

According to Dairymaid Mallon, senior manger, product marketing, Sybase 365 that among Indians, 49% of responders to the analysis claim to dynamically utilize their mobile phones to verify their bank balance as compared to the matching figures of 13% for Australia and 9% for China.

The Indian respondents were also highly conversant about the mobile-banking services being provided; 81% of the answerers showed positive reaction to it. This was higher than statistics for not only other Asian countries, but also European countries where the average was around 65%.

The study finding that were also presented to several banking institutions depict a vast scope for mobile banking in the country. 36% Indian responders accepted that they would think switching to a bank, which was providing free mobile-banking services.

But, if the clients were to be charged for services, they would more willingly pay for the services like possibly fraud-related dealings and the power to freeze missed (debit, credit or any other) cards with the help of a mobile phone.