Canadian businessman recalls narrow escape from Oberoi

Vancouver (Canada), Nov. 29 : A Canadian businessman, who was held hostage by terrorists inside the Trident-Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai said that he was saved from being killed by terrorists because he drifted off to sleep and ignored a mysterious knock to his door.

Vancouver-based Jonathan Erlich, 40, told the Globe and Mail newspaper that he decided to give a miss to a friend’s invitation for a nightcap in the Oberoi Hotel''s plush lobby on Wednesday night, drifted off to sleep and only woke up after hearing a loud explosion on the street below.

He said that when he went to turn on a light, a second, more powerful blast rocked the hotel. He peered in the hall and heard a guest say something about a bomb.

Erlich''s fatigue was instantly replaced by a surge of adrenalin that nearly lifted him off the floor. He grabbed his belongings and bolted to the stairwell and survived the mayhem miraculously. (ANI)