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Mastek US arm sign ‘Partnership Agreement’ with Flexi Software

Mastek US arm sign ‘Partnership Agreement’ with Flexi SoftwareMastek, a leading Indian IT solution provider with global operation, has informed that its wholly-owned US subsidiary MajescoMastek has entered into a partnership agreement with Flexi Software, a provider of best-of-breed financial accounting software, to deliver end-to-end integrated accounting solutions for insurance companies.

Polaris Software to pump Rs 100 crore for the setup of ‘Centre of Excellence’

Polaris Software to pump Rs 100 crore for the setup of ‘Centre of Excellence’Chennai-based Polaris Software Lab, a financial technology company, has plans to expand its operation to 40 countries over the next five years.

In addition, the company, in order to strengthen its insurance portfolio business has decided to set up a centre of excellence for insurance near Chennai, with an investment of around Rs 100 crore to develop new solutions and to service company’s insurance clients.

Sun launches Nehalem-based server line-up and new networking product

Sun MicrosystemsAfter a two-week delay - likely resulting from the clamor related to the much-discussed, planned, and later canceled prospective IBM takeover - Sun Microsystems Tuesday launched its Nehalem-based server line-up, as well as a new networking product to compete with its emerging server market rival, Cisco Systems.

As part of the launch of the next-gen Galaxy servers, Sun unpacked two blades, four racks, and a tower workstation based on the quad-core Nehalem EP Xeon 5500 processors from Intel. Put together, the newly-launched x64 servers - using Sun-designed custom motherboards - are being categorized as "open network systems,"

Amazon’s “cataloging error” results in deletion of over 57,000 titles

Amazon’s “cataloging errorAn awkward and blundering "cataloging error" by Amazon. com Inc resulted in the deletion of over 57,000 titles from online retailer's main search function on Sunday. Initially terming it as a 'glitch,' Amazon said that the affected titles will soon be restored; but that did not happen even till Monday afternoon.

Panasonic brings about a change in its creative and media agencies

Panasonic VieraAfter a recent change in the creative and media agencies of the consumer, business and industrial electronic goods bigwig Panasonic, Percept's IBD has been handed over the Viera - LCD and plasma TV range - and Lumix businesses including Limux camera range; while Percept's media agency, Allied Media, has bagged the company's media buying mandate.

CVC instructs DoT to investigate “under-reporting” by Bharti Airtel

Central Vigilance CommissionWith Member of Parliament Ajay Chakraborty allegedly complaining against Bharti Airtel with regard to its revenue reporting on its national long distance license (NLD), the company has come under the scrutiny of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).

Chakraborty has alleged that the under-reporting, "anti competitive practice of Bharti Airtel in long distance carriage" may well have resulted in Rs 100 crore yearly losses to the government.