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T-Mobile’s G1 Android smartphone sales touch ‘one million’ mark!

T MobileWithin six months of its October 2008 launch, T-Mobile's Google Android smartphone - which already makes up nearly two-third of the 3G devices available on the T-Mobile network - finds itself amid and enviable milestone; that of touching the noteworthy 'one million' mark in US sales!

Going by a T-Mobile announcement earlier this week, the G1 smartphone handset has thus far sold a million units, and has had quite a few updates to enhance functionality and fix bugs in the operating system. T-Mobile also intends shifting more smartphones over to the Android OS.

More than 10% of full-time retail workers laid-off by Apple

AppleDespite having posted the quite favorable 2009 second quarter results, there are indications that Apple is cutting costs in order to battle out the impact of the still-ongoing financial meltdown - laying-off full-time retail employees being one of the practical measures undertaken by the company.

In its 10-Q form filed with the SEC, Apple has made a mention of 14,000 full-time retail employees at the end of the last quarter; though the number of employees mentioned in the same document, for the December 2008 quarter, was 15,600.

‘Bump’ - the one-billionth iPhone app to be downloaded from App Store!

App StoreAlmost a month after its launch in the App Store, 'Bump' - the social networking application that facilitates the transfer of contact information between iPhones and iPod Touches - has become a part of iPhone's history on Thursday, by becoming the one-billionth app to be downloaded from the App Store.

Interestingly, Bump is the first App Store offering coming from Bump Technologies, a development shop of three ex-Texas Instruments employees - David Lieb, Jake Mintz, and Andy Huibers,. In order to support a social connection, the initially-free Bump app makes use of the accelerometer of the iPhone or iPod Touches, Internet connection, and location data.

''Sleep talking'' PCs use 80 percent less power

''Sleep talking'' PCs use 80 percent less powerWashington, Apr 25 : Computer scientists at UC San Diego and Microsoft Research have created a device that will put computers in a doze, which could mean energy savings of 60 to 80 per cent.

The experts have developed a plug-and-play hardware prototype for personal computers that induces a new energy saving state known as "sleep talking."

Yahoo shuts down the free web hosting service - GeoCities

yahoo, geocitiesAs a part of CEO Carol Bartz's endeavors to streamline operations at Yahoo, it was announced on Thursday that the company is shutting down its GeoCities website. The 1995-founded free web hosting service passed into oblivion probably because of its rather archaic service model and out-of-date technology.

Mouse maker Logitech hit by economic downturn

Mouse maker Logitech hit by economic downturnGeneva - Logitech announced Thursday losses in its fourth quarter results and said sales stood at 408 million dollars, down 32 percent from the same period last year.

The Swiss company, the largest maker of computer mice in the world, posted an operating loss of 43 million dollars for the quarter, compared to an operating profit of 66 million dollars for the last months of the previous fiscal year.