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Orbit Corporation has next target of Rs 450: Ashwani Gujral

Orbit CorporationTechnical Analyst, Ashwani Gujral has suggested a secure level for Orbit Corporation at Rs 450.

He is fully confident that the stock will touch this level in near future. So he has suggested the investors to hold up the stock to make a good profit. It is also important to watch every moment of the stock. Don’t worry, if the stock goes below its existing level.

Reliance Energy Can Touch Rs 900 - Ashwani Gujral

Reliance EnergyAccording to Technical Analyst Ashwani Gujral, Reliance Energy can surely touch Rs 900. He suggests investors to hold the stock for hefty gains within few months.

Gujral told, “Hindalco remained a weak sort of metals stock and it’s probably in a range of Rs 145 to about Rs 185. Metals overall have weakened, commodity prices have taken ahead because of all of this.”

Ranbaxy Laboratories May see 7-8% Upside

Ranbaxy Laboratories LimitedRahul Mohindar of Viratechindia proposed that the investors should hold Ranbaxy Laboratories as it may have a good 7-8% upside.

Market Trend Is Cheerful And Constructive - Brokers Prospect

B Sahu, Khandwala Securities said that today market being knocking down by 96 points was estimable for the market as alteration is long overdue. Overall money flow in the market is fine, FIIs are pouring in money in the markets since last few trading sessions.

According to him, this is the moment for re-balancing and reshuffling the range. He commends investors to gather stocks of companies that are expected to nurture in coming future.

“It is moment to select your sector and stock,” said Mr. Sahu.

He also added that overall market trend is cheerful and optimistic. Tomorrow (July 26) is a decisive day for market because of F&O expiry. So, investors should watch out for global cues for Thursday`s trading session.

Unitech’s Support Level at Rs 550

Rahul MohindarUnitech said that ‘Unitech’ has support at Rs 550.

Mr. Mohindar said: “Real estate and infrastructure these are –these are spaces that we linked. On declines we are looking at buying opportunities. We have been commending Unitech for some time, Rs 620-650. Those are the medium term and long term targets respectively. I think the intra-day correction that we have seen today is really an opportunity to buy. There is very big support at about Rs 550 for this stock. So, Unitech would be one, which we will pick in real estate.”

Accumulate Satyam Computer - Khandwala Securities

Khandwala Securities LimitedResearch firm Khandwala Securities has recommended collected rating on Satyam Computer Services.

Khandwala Securities report on Satyam computers:

Consolidated Results for quarter ended June 30, 2007

• Revenue was Rs 18, 302 million, YoY increase of 26.8% and a sequential increase of 2.9%.
• Net Profit after Tax was Rs 3,783 million, YoY growth of 6.9% and a sequential fall of 3.9%.
• EPS was Rs 5.7, a YoY increase of 4.4% and a sequential fall of 3.9%.