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Gold may not repeat crude like fall

Even after revival in equity markets, correction in gold prices will be gradual and limited, say experts

Amid global recession, gold has emerged as the only investment avenue, which not only offers safety, but also gives healthy returns. However, following unprecedented surge in the gold prices, certain sections of the investors have become sceptic about future movement in the yellow metal, as they have bitter experience during the boom time in the commodity markets in 2008, particularly in case of crude oil. Their concern seem to be valid, as experts don't rule out correction in gold, but at the same time they also concede that unlike other commodities, correction in gold will be limited and gradual.

Gold likely to peak out at Rs17,000 by Aug

Size of jewellery market in India is expected to double in next six years. According to a recent assessment by Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (Assocham), current size of the market is estimated to be around $15 billion, which is likely to touch $30 billion by 2015 driven by demand for gold and diamond jewellery. Worldwide market for gems and jewellery industry is believed to be more than $150 billion.

Gold deposit schemes finding takers

Gold deposit schemes finding takersWith gold prices pushing northward aggressively, the gold accumulation schemes offered by jewellers have started finding takers again.
Gold prices are currently ruling at Rs 15,335 for 10 grams, after having reached an all-time high of Rs 15,745 on February 21, an increase of nearly Rs 3,000 in just 45 days.

Customers weary as gold touches record high

Customers wary as gold touches record highChennai, Feb 20: Go

India records 84 per cent increase in gold for Q4

India records 84 per cent increase in gold for Q4India witnessed 84 per cent increase in gold demand for the fourth quarter of 2008, proving it as a safest heaven for investment after the plunge of share market and low interest rate regime following global financial crisis.

Gold demand surged to 147.2 tonnes in the fourth quarter in 2008 from 80 tonnes a year earlier, as per data collected by Gold Fields Mineral Services, an independent consultancy, for the World Gold Council (WGC).

Gold glitters at Rs 15,650

Gold glitters at Rs 15,650Gold prices in the domestic market touched a new peak level at Rs 15,650 following increase in its prices in the international market due to heavy purchase by investors.

The precious metal started rising after the breakout of global financial crisis due to failure of leading financial institutions in United States. Global slowdown propelled investors to invest in gold considering it as a safest mode of investment due to plunge of stock markets and low interest rate regime.