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Sporty new Seat three-door

Barcelona  - Short on the heels of the new Ibiza launch the VW subsidiary Seat has given the range a sporty touch with the three- door Sport Coupe featuring a seven-speed DSG gearbox in the top of

Cars may soon come with exterior airbags to protect pedestrians

ToyotaLondon, June 16 : A Toyota subsidiary is close to perfecting exterior airbags which, in the eve

Soon, car steering that reads lips, facial expressions; plays drum beats

Washington, June 15 : IBM researchers are working on a steering wheel that reads lips, responds to facial expressions, and turns into a drum machine.

European car sales slump as oil prices surge

Berlin  - European car sales slumped a 7.8 per cent in May, data released Friday showed, as surging oil prices and renewed economic uncertainty hit consumer sentiment.

Toyota to produce Camry hybrids in Thailand starting next year

Bangkok  - Toyota is to begin production of Camry hybrid cars in Thailand next year, making the kingdom the third production base for the popular energy-saving model after Japan and the United Stat

Fiat Phylla concept city car runs on solar energy

Fiat Phylla concept city car runs on solar energyTurin, Italy  - Fiat has revealed a nifty city concept car, the Phylla, which can run on solar energy supplementing a battery pack that can also be charged from the electric grid.

Built on an aluminium space frame with a triangular design, the car offers all-round visibility useful for city driving.

The cabin volume is defined by an asymmetrical layout of pillars which contour the triangular glass surfaces that can be replaced by solar panels. The layout with all-round visibility helps especially when parking in typical city driving conditions.