Buddha Purnima celebrated with full devotion in Tripura

Buddha Purnima celebrated with full devotion in TripuraAgartala, May 20 : Buddha Purnima, the day Lord Buddha was born, was celebrated with full devotion here on Monday.

On the auspicious occasion, hundred of devotees gathered at the Buddha monastery in Agartala to light candles and offer prayers.

"Buddha Purnima is the most sacred day in the Buddhist calendar and is celebrated on the full-moon day of Vaisakh (April - May) blessed by the birth, enlightenment and passing way of the Buddha," said Rajendra Bikhu, a Buddhist priest.

"Here not only Buddhist, but people from other religion also participate for the celebration, showing the enduring welfare of humanity", Rajendra added.

On this festival, a fair is also held here every year.

Durba Ram, a visitor said, "Inspite is of being a Hindi, we come here to pray on this day and enjoy in the fair that is held every year."

Buddha Purnima is the most sacred day for Buddhists as they take pilgrimage trips to the places associated with the founder of their faith Lord Buddha.

Lord Buddha, founder of Buddhism was born a prince at Lumbini in Nepal over 2,600 years ago.

Lord Buddha attained enlightenment while doing penance under the Bodhi tree near the temple in Bodh Gaya.

Buddha Purnima falls on the full moon day, and this day holds special significance for the followers of Lord Buddha as the three main events of the life of Lord Buddha took place on the same day.

Lord Buddha through his enlightened teachings showed the eternal path of ahimsa, right conduct and universal love.

Lord Buddha's teachings have the power to save mankind from ignorance, turmoil and moral decay.

The message of Lord Buddha inspires to follow the path of truth, peace and compassion and serve humanity to affirm our faith in the eternal values of non-violence and universal brotherhood. (ANI)