Britney did not write ode to Adnan Ghalib, says song writing partner

Washington, Nov 20 : American pop princess Britney Spears never wrote an ode to her paparazzo ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib in her forthcoming album Circus, her song writing partner has revealed.

Lyricist Nicole Morier revealed that the Toxic singer had got the inspiration for her album track Mmm Papi from her tumultuous romance with the British photographer.

“It’s about someone I''m sure you can guess,” Contactmusic quoted Morier as having reportedly told Us Weekly magazine.

“It''s a gift to him (Ghalib). She is crazy for him,” a source had added.

But Morier has claimed that she never hinted to the reporter that the song was based on Spears'' relationship with the snapper - insisting he wasn''t part of the singer''s life
when she started penning her new material.

“I never said that to Us Weekly! The song is definitely not about Adnan and in the whole time I worked with her last spring and summer I never once saw that guy,” Morier
told Perezhilton. com.

“We strictly wrote the song for fun. The Mmm Papi part came out of Mmm Papa Luv U and I came up with it because the track was a fun up beat track and we wanted to do
something crazy like mmmpapamowow,” she stated.

The songwriter further admitted that she wants the speculation surrounding the star to stop, especially since she Spears seems to have finally got her life and career back
on track.

“Please be kind to Britney and I and post this correction. She was oh so sweet and professional to work with, and I believe she''s really gotten her life together,” Morier added. (ANI