Breast Milk sold Online could be adulterated with Cow’s milk

The U. S. FDA has warned women about breast milk being sold online. The FDA said that it could lead to certain serious health and adulteration risks. And now, researchers are also supporting the warnings.

A novel study published in the journal Pediatrics has found that 10% of breast milk samples bought online were mixed with cow's milk. The researchers bought 102 bottles of breast milk online and then they assessed the samples for human DNA or bovine DNA from cows.

All the samples did have human DNA, but 11 of the samples or 10% of them also has cow DNA. "We think the [online-purchased breast milk] people would have in their household would be cow's milk you can get from a carton at the store or infant formula. Most baby formula is made from cow's milk", affirmed Dr. Sarah Keim, principal investigator at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Dr. Keim was of the view that both of the substances look a lot like human milk. The researchers said that they have found cow DNA more than trace amounts, which means that the adulteration was not due to accidental contamination.

Accidental contamination might take place when a container that once had cow's milk is reused for breast milk storage. Keim said that the adulterated samples had bovine DNA that means half breast milk, half cow's milk. In fact, one of the samples was literally half breast milk and half infant formula.

Keim shared that breast milk sold online does not come cheap and can be sometimes $2 an ounce. Adulterating and diluting liquids could be easy ways to carry out the fraud.

As per Interpol, alcohol was found to be the most adulterated product in recent global food fraud investigation.