Brazil and Inter Milan striker Adriano to stay in Brazil

Brazil and Inter Milan striker Adriano to stay in Brazil Rio de Janeiro - Troubled Brazilian international Adriano will not return to Inter Milan for the foreseeable future, the striker told reporters in Rio de Janeiro late Thursday. Adriano, who did not return to Italy after going to Brazil for two World Cup qualifiers, said that he was taking time away from football to "rethink his career".

"I just did not like living in Italy," he said.

He said that he would not play football at the moment, but did not know for how long, adding that he did not suffer from any physical problems.

"I am not sick, alcoholic or a drug user. Adriano is not dead," the 27-year-old, who is called Imperador (Emperor) by his fans, said.

"I felt pressured. A lot of people will not understand. It is a bad situation, not easy at all, but it is a choice."

He said that he felt at ease in Brazil, amongst his family and friends. The footballer, who was born in Rio de Janeiro, spent a few days in a favela (shanty town) in Rio de Janeiro, where he met with friends.

He said that he enjoyed being there as he could walk around with Bermuda shorts and barefoot. He denied having contact with drug dealers.

"But I know that there are good people there and there are people who are going a different route."

He said that his agent would travel to Italy soon to discuss matters with Inter Milan. "At the moment I do not want to think about my future," he said.