The BMW CE 02: an electric scooter infused with motorcycle vibes

The BMW CE 02: an electric scooter infused with motorcycle vibes

German luxury car brand BMW’s latest foray into urban mobility, dubbed the CE 02, is more than just an electric scooter. It is, in fact, an electric scooter infused with motorcycle vibes, thanks to its distinct design flair. At the very first glance, the BMW CE 02 is a visual treat, thanks to its perfect blend of playful design and industrial aesthetics. Its upright stance, coupled with uncovered suspension and drive belt, gives it a classic motorcycle profile, setting it apart from old-style scooters and e-bikes. However, while the design is unquestionably cool, its practicality for the average rider might be a different story.

The German manufacturer describes the CE 02 as an "eParkourer" – a distinctive hybrid that confronts traditional categories, finding its place somewhere between a scooter and a motorcycle. However, this linguistic playfulness doesn't essentially clarify its purpose. Beneath the unique terminology lies an 11-kW electric motor powered by a 48V battery pack. It promises up to 40.5 lb.-ft of torque through a belt drive. The charging options include a standard 120V wall charger or a faster alternative, taking 210 minutes to go from empty to full.

The electric motor provides a gradual acceleration, ensuring a smooth ride for novices, and its power delivery remains steady throughout the speed range. The list of riding modes includes ‘Surf’ and ‘Flow,’ while an optional ‘Flash’ mode is there to add versatility for electric two-wheeler enthusiasts.

The manufacturer’s official websites states, “The CE 02 breaks all the rules. Playful elements make it an eye-catcher – this is what riding fun looks like. Visually loud and electrically quiet at the same time. Revolutionary. Iconic. Being environmentally conscious can be stylish.”

BMW has designed the CE 02 to be robust, capable of handling roughly 400 pounds of passengers and cargo. With a 29.5-inch seat height and a weight of 291 pounds, it offers a comfortable and stable riding experience, reminiscent of a slightly shrunken motorcycle.

While the BMW CE 02 electric two-wheeler undoubtedly exudes distinct style and innovation, its suitability for the American audience, both in terms of practicality as well as pricing, remains a subject of scrutiny.

The distinctly designed BMW CE 02's cool factor comes at a considerable price, both literally and figuratively. The price tag of $7,599 for the basic model and $8,474 for the High Line variant places it in a competitive bracket, which potentially makes it a niche choice in the U.S. market.

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