Blue Coat initiates product recycling and reuse program

Blue-Coat-SystemsWith the dual aim of diminishing Blue Coat product waste intended for landfills by nearly 90 percent and generating cost savings, Blue Coat Systems, the technology leader in Application Delivery Networking, has initiated a product recycling service.

Blue Coat, which is investing $1 million in a global channel rewards program, is expecting the proceeds from the recycling and reuse program to cover not only the costs of the service, but also to yield nearly $750,000 per year in additional operational savings.

The announced product recycling service would encourage customers who have substituted out-of-date Blue Coat appliances with contemporary models to return those devices to Blue Coat, without any charge, for reuse or recycling of components.

Along with the maximum-possible reuse and recycling of the replaced appliances, the recovery and refurbishment of many of the components will better endow Blue Coat with readily available spare parts, so as to meet service requirements for the still-in-use older equipment,

Dave Cox, Blue Coat's Senior VP operations, said: "Blue Coat is committed to environmental leadership, through reducing our carbon footprint, limiting the consumption of natural resources and significantly reducing landfill waste. The new Blue Coat Product Recycling Service substantially reduces materials going into landfill, makes disposal issues convenient for customers, creates a larger supply of spare parts and reduces our operational costs."

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