Blogging platform Tumblr reaches ‘100 million blogs’ milestone

Bogging platform Tumblr reaches ‘100 million blogs’ milestoneAccording to a new Mashable report, the 2007-founded blogging platform Tumblr has reached the `100 million blogs' milestone; with nearly 44.6 billion blog posts having been created using the platform over the years.

The achievement is noteworthy, particularly in the wake of the fact that the `50 million blogs' landmark was touched by Tumblr in April 2012; and, in less than one year, the site has managed a two-fold increase in that number.

With more than 100 million blogs now hosted across the Tumblr network, it is evident that the popular social blogging platform would not witness any slow down in the near future.

With the figures highlighted by Mashable also indicating that nearly 80.2 million Tumblr posts are created every day, the rapid expansion of blog posts is apparently an outcome of the fact that the blogging service is fairly easy to use. Users can easily sign up for the service, share posts and pictures, and also conveniently locate blogs and people with similar interests.

In 2012, Tumblr - which is available in 12 languages - featured in the list of `the top 10 most visited sites in the world.' The company, targeting its first annual profit, has announced that it has plans underway to roll out mobile ads on the iOS and Android platforms in the first half of this year.