Blackberry to Come Up With Bacteria-Free Smartphone
Blackberry to Come Up With Bacteria-Free Smartphone

It is known that blackberry is working on an Android-based smartphone, but the Canadian-firm has recently revealed that it is now making a bacteria-free smartphone that can be used in health-care industry.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen revealed company's plans, but added that BlackBerry is not making the smartphone as of yet.

The company's plans were disclosed during the announcement that BlackBerry is teaming-up with ThoughtWire and Cisco Systems to offer a portable messaging and alert system to doctors and nurses of the Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital BlackBerry units.

Chen while talking about the proposed bacteria-free smartphone plans along with the company's new clinical alerts pilot project on Wednesday said that health-care workers have to be worried about one less thing to wipe down.

According to Aviv Gladman, Chief Medical Information Officer at Mackenzie Health, the doctors and nurses are supposed to wipe their handsets with alcohol every time they enter and exit a hospital room.

In a study published by Journal of Applied Microbiology, it has been found out that almost 20 % to 30 % germs transfer between the phone and the fingertip.

Blackberry's agreement with Cisco covers their respective products and technologies. BlackBerry will receive a license fee from Cisco, but specific terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"With the agreement in place, BlackBerry and Cisco can focus on innovation and continued technical cooperation, allowing our companies more freedom to create leading products and services for customers without the potential for patent disputes", Mark Kokes, Vice President of Intellectual Property and Licensing, BlackBerry.

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