Bird Flu Spreads In Tripura, Culling Operation Begins

A recent report has disclosed that the bird flu has gripped Tripura into its Bird Flujaws.

The report confirmed that the blood and faecal samples of dead birds picked up from Nadilagh village in Bishalgarh sub-division of West Tripura were infected with the highly pathogenic bird flu virus.

The health officials reported that Nadilagh is the third region in the state in less than two weeks where the deadly disease attacked poultry birds.

The final trial reports sent to the state government by Bhopal’s High Security Animal Disease Laboratory (HSADL) on Thursday night confirmed the occurrence of the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus in Nadilagh village, which is just 25 km from Agartala.

Culling would begin at Nadilag after it was notified by the Central government, the sources said.

Mr. A Roy Barman, State animal resources department director, stated, “The earlier outbreak sites — Mohanpur and Dhalai — were within half to four km from the Bangladesh border. So we were certain that the virus may have come into Tripura through illegal trade of poultry between villagers on both sides of the border.”

“However, the latest outbreak in Nadilagh has come as a surprise. It is 50 km away from the Bangladesh border,” Mr. Barman added.

Mr. Barman said that the migratory birds, which are now nesting in the water bodies of Shipaijala forest area, could be carriers of the bird flu virus.

“The area around Nadilagh is frequently visited by migratory birds. They too could be carrying the virus. We are baffled. We don't know whether the virus is travelling or whether these are simultaneous outbreaks,” he also said.

A red alert has been declared and import of poultry and eggs from outside the state, including neighbouring Bangladesh has been banished.

Reports also said that around 43 districts in Bangladesh were affected by bird flu.