Biotechnology training centre in Haryana approved

New Delhi, Nov 20 : The Union Cabinet today gave its approval for the establishment of the UNESCO Regional Centre for Training and Education in Biotechnology at Faridabad, Haryana with the revised budget of Rs. 99.55 crores.

The proposed centre would act as the focal point for cooperation amongst the Members countries of the Asian Region in Biotechnology.

The Centre would be a regional hub for interdisciplinary education and training in biotechnology with emphasis on novel education programmes relevant to industry, including bio-drug discovery science, nano-science and medicine, imaging techniques, designer crops, bioengineering and biomaterials, intellectual property, technology transfer and regulation to fulfill and overcome the acute shortage of skilled human resources in India.

The centre will be governed by a Board of Governors with representations from India, UNESCO and the member countries. Collaboration with UNESCO will ensure gateways to international institutions such as European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB).

The centre will be the first every inter-disciplinary institution in life sciences and biotechnology in India with unique international character to offer novel educational and training courses in the interdisciplinary and related areas of biotechnology.

It would also be a place of designing of new and novel programmes for education and training, which could be then assimilated by the existing universities in India. (ANI)