Beyonce says Michelle Obama is one of her heroes

Melbourne, Apr 24 : American R&B singer Beyonce has revealed that Michelle Obama is one of her heroes, and that she is very enamoured by the way the US First Lady balances her life.

Beyonce, 27, had serenaded President Barack Obama and his wife with Etta James''s `At Last' as they enjoyed their first dance as the First Couple, and she is still reeling from the compliments she got for it.

"She's one of my heroes now," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"Balance is so difficult in a woman's life and for her to raise those children the way she has, to be a professional woman, a very intelligent woman, a wife, all of those things and do them all so well, I admire her. We all can learn so much from her.

"And for her to pay me a compliment is the ultimate compliment," she added. (ANI)