Beware criminals: A spy housefly may be watching you

 Beware criminals: A spy housefly may be watching youWith the improvement of technology the size of the devices is getting smaller. Sizes of robots are also decreasing day by day, almost the size of any fly or honey bee. An innovator, Robert Wood who is an assistant professor at Harvard University is developing robotic flies. New kind of fabrication process is used in that tiny robot.

The functionality of bending folding and stretching will be made possible by the help of polymer and nano carbon fibers. Using these techniques Wood made the world's tiniest robot capable of flying freely and taking pictures. This nano technology can used to make crawling, swimming and jumping bugs.

These are called automated insects. Sensors are deployed to control the robots remotely. This is going to be a revolution in robotic science as well as in the field of spying. By being invisible from anyone's eyes, these tiny bugs will keep an eye on every social or anti-social activity. Jobs like explosive sniffing, cancer sniffing can also be done with these robots. These robots can even enter to human body and take pictures of any infection, if present inside the body.