Best Free Sports Scores and Odds Apps for Bettors

Best Free Sports Scores and Odds Apps for Bettors

Your search for apps offering access to accurate sports scores and current odds ends here. All Android and iPhone users have numerous options and ways to track accurate sports betting information. How can you ensure your choice is trustworthy and reliable?

Advancement in technology is the stepping-stone for the development of apps. Placing bets while you are on the move is no longer unheard of. Listed below are live betting odds app for iOS and Android device users, which are freely accessible. If you are looking for a comprehensive app offering ease of use, mobile promotions, bet tracker and options, deposit and withdrawal methods and trustworthiness read further.

Sharpside Sports Betting App

SharpSide is a free, interactive sports betting app. All those sports bettors who are looking for an engaging and profitable betting experience can choose this unique app. The easy to use functionality and efficiency makes it the best bet-tracking app. This app is available for download from the Apple store and the Google Play Store.

Sound betting for profitable returns

Owning a mobile device means always knowing the prediction for today match or tournament. These apps have the most up to date news, schedules, high-resolution pictures, and live streaming videos. The latest and most trending news is easily customizable to suit your preference. Do not miss out on these free sports apps, which simply take a small amount of storage space and offer manifold features, news, and statistics. Making knowledgeable and calculated betting decisions is advisable. Using apps can save you from grief and an underwhelming web browsing experience. Most of us wish to continuously track the performance and position of our bets even while traveling.

theScore : Sports news and scores

Strengthening its share in the sports betting industry, theScore is a sportsbook based in New Jersey. You will be amazed by the end-to-end coverage of all sports. The elaborate drop-down menu offers updated news. You have the option to personalize your feed with your favorites. Accessing what news struck the fans most and real-time sports news and scores are very simple. This free of cost app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices alike. The app permits users to follow selective teams and individual players, sending you timely alerts of related news. Social app sharing features makes stories, stats, and game synopsis easy to share with family and friends.

Sports Insights – Betting odds and trends

This app provides more than 50 sportsbooks and real-time data on each match. Live odds, scores, betting trends and match updates are made available to all fans in no time. Availing public betting trends, full-game, half-game, and second-half lines and movement history is within your reach. Old and experienced bettors really appreciate the betting trends. Initially, it might be a little difficult to navigate and understand the lingo. This app can be downloaded easily from the Apple store and Google Play store for all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

CBS Sports – Scores, news, and stats

This seamless user interface is convenient to use and customize to get updated sports information. The fast processing and working allow us with quick push notifications for scores, news, and statistics. The universal scoreboard has an uber-cool feature of watching 8 games on one screen, for free. Tuning into the CBS Sports radio and selecting your choice of cable subscriber is made possible.
iTunes and Android download is a swipe away for entering the sleek and informative sports genre.

Covers: scores, odds and picks app

This recently launched sports betting app came into inception in August 2019. Besides the state of the art designed user interface, you have the option to personalize your app settings. You can pre-set the money line total, desired spread and bets. Following and staying updated with live games and news is readily possible. You are notified in advance about the game beginning and ending timing. Winning bets are highlighted in red and green, which signify downward and upward trends respectively. Covers also include the probability and advance prediction of future bets and betting information.

Easy and simplified sign-ups, round the clock customer service initiatives and low minimum stakes, make these apps secure and reliable. Transforming the betting landscape is technology advancement and has a long way to go.

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