Benazir’s roadmap of PPP’s future to be revealed on Sunday: Zardari

LondonAsif Ali Zardari, Dec 29 : Asif Ali Zardari, the husband of late Pakistan premier Benazir Bhutto, today said that Benazir’s instructions about the future of the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) will be made public on Sunday.

Zardari said in an interview that his son, Bilawal, would read out the message of Benazir, who was assassinated in Rawalpindi on Thursday.

"She has left a message for the party and she has left a will, so we shall be doing that tomorrow (Sunday) after the third day (of official mourning)," The News quoted him, as saying.

"We have called for a meeting and her will will be read out there and the instructions she has left will be read out there," Zardari added.

When asked whether he would lead the party after Benazir, Zardari said: "It depends on the party and depends on the will."

Meanwhile, PPP spokeswoman Sherry Rehman said that the party’s central executive would decide whether the PPP would take part in the January 8 elections. (ANI)

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