Benazir Bhutto wants restructuring of ISI

Former premier Benazir BhuttoKarachi, Oct 27 : Former premier Benazir Bhutto has said that the reconciliation process is being destroyed by the ruling PML-Q and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, and demanded restructuring of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The ISI was not a bad institution, but some elements in it were hatching a conspiracy against civilian rulers and strengthening the hands of extremist elements.

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) head should be a serving police officer instead of a retired serviceman, Bhutto added.

She told reporters at Bilawal House that it was the responsibility of the government to discourage elements who were using their powers for vested interests and for promoting extremism.

Bhutto said that she would engage in a dialogue with other opposition parties and democratic forces to build pressure on the government to hold free and fair elections under a neutral caretaker government.

She said that a small group in the PML-Q wanted to contest the election on the shoulders of the army and rig the polls, and added that the people would not allow rigging.

Bhutto said that she wanted reconciliation on the basis of principles and declared that she would not accept any dictation of extremist elements for reconciliation.

"We are struggling for complete restoration of the Constitution, independence of judiciary and supremacy of the Parliament and want reconciliation on these points, The News quoted Bhutto, as saying.

She said that some ministers in the government were encouraging extremist groups and pointed out that the statement of Sheikh Rashid was in support of the fundamentalists. (ANI)