Benazir Bhutto has no chance of becoming Prime Minister : Sheikh Rashid

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid AhmedKarachi, Oct 24 : Pakistan’s Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that former premier Benazir Bhutto has no chance of becoming Prime Minister, and added that Maulana Fazlur Rehman would play an important role in this connection.

"I do not think Benazir will ever become country’s premier in the future. I do not view Bhutto as the next Prime Minister of Pakistan", he said.

Rashid also said that the MQM would lose seats in forthcoming elections following Bhutto’s arrival.

"I was not in the favour of government’s request sent to Bhutto asking her to shelve her arrival. Let all politicians return to Pakistan", he said.

He urged that all politicians to pursue constructive politics in the broader national interests.

Rashid also admitted that Bhutto’s return to Pakistan had generated immense reaction against American policies.

"Those who tried to raise the flag of imperialistic polices would have to face suicide attacks. We have already told Bhutto that ground realities have now totally changed," he said.

Bhutto should not be inviting extremists to talks following the recent attacks, he said.

Bhutto should give Rs 10 million from her own kitty to each family of those 140 persons who were killed in Thursday’s bomb blasts in Karachi, he demanded.

"The three name game being played by Bhutto in connection with the Karachi carnage is a blame game on her part, which has put the National Reconciliation Ordinance at stake," Rashid added.

In response to a question, he said that both President Pervez Musharraf and Bhutto enjoyed good rapport, while the PPP and the PML-Q lacked such an understanding. (ANI)