Becks, Posh gift each other ‘magic guardian angel’ necklaces

London, Nov 5: Soccer ace David Beckham and wife have gifted each other “magic” necklaces featuring an angel to watch over them and keep them safe.

Swapping the necklaces was an expression of love as the couple face separation following David’s departure to Italian AC Milan.

The hand-carved gold and silver Japanese talisman pendants represent Archangel Raphael, who was mentioned in a little-known section of the Old Testament called the Book of Tobit.

Many Catholics and Greek Orthodox Church members consider him to be the most powerful and loving angel in Heaven.

“The energy they emit is incredibly powerful. These pieces act as talismans of love, healing and protection,” The Sun quoted Posh, as telling Vogue magazine.

“They were hand carved by a master carver in Japan, who spends most days in meditation before working,” she added.

The couple exchanged the pendants to mark their tenth wedding anniversary next July. (ANI)