Bay Mills Indian Community starts renovating & expanding Bay Mills Resort & Casino

Bay Mills Indian Community starts renovating & expanding Bay Mills Resort & Casino

The Bay Mills Resort & Casino, a gambling-friendly property located in the Upper Peninsula on the Scenic Lakeshore Drive in the Brimley area of Michigan, is undergoing a major renovation & expansion project.

The project was recently commenced by the Bay Mills Indian Community, and the works on the expansion of the property are making significant headway.

According to General manager (GM) Richard LeBlanc, the commencement of the project signifies the beginning of an exhilarating new era for the Bay Mills Resort & Casino as well as the entire Bay Mills Indian Community.

When asked for a comment, LeBlanc said, “This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Bay Mills Resort & Casino and the Bay Mills Indian Community. We are excited to celebrate the hard work that has culminated in this investment, and we look forward to growing our amenities to serve our great customers.”

The Bay Mills Resort & Casino’s expansion comes with a price tag of $85 million, and it is expected to unfold over next many years. However, the wait for its completion will reportedly be well worth it, which is also suggested by the current hotel’s consistent operations at near-full occupancy rate.

The significance of the ongoing expansion of the Bay Mills Resort & Casino will extend far beyond mere creation of new job opportunities for the community’s residents. Existing employees of the existing property will also benefit from a revamped and enhanced break room, equipped with various additional amenities.

Guests can expect a lot from the expanded facility as it will offer a number of new amenities and expanded spaces for their fun and enjoyment. The new resort is set to offer a stunning three-story waterfront, additional 134 hotel rooms with eye-catching spacious balconies, a delightful deli, a pool area featuring a fabulous splash pad, tempting hot tubs, and a comfy spa with massage therapy rooms. The long list of additional amenities will also include a nail salon, fitness center, arcade, a spacious conference room, while an impressive storefront will also be there to further enrich guests’ resort experience.

The planned upgrades extend beyond the interior of the hotel as the exterior plans are equally exquisite, with new fishing piers, gardens, and inviting outdoor patios there to ensure a comprehensive transformation of the entire resort experience.

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