Bajaj, Renault-Nissan making their respective small cars

Bajaj-Renault-NissanWhile the Bajaj-Renault-Nissan partnership has been official as all the parties have recently signed an agreement to develop a ultra-low-cost (ULC) car for the Indian market but it has been learned from the sources that it can also face a situation where the partners can even confine their relationship to sharing a platform which will produce vehicles for their exclusive needs.

In a layman's term, it could lead to a scenario where Bajaj will be making its own low-cost car and retailing it in India or elsewhere, even at a time when Renault-Nissan has put its product out in the market.

It is believed that if it happens, the ultimate winner will be the Indian consumer as he will have a lot of options in his list in the sub-2.5 lakh range.

Moreover, it is believed that the product that Bajaj will focus on will be on likes of Mahindra Maxximo and Tata Ace.

The 50:25:25 partnership between Bajaj, Renault and Nissan has been clearly defined where Bajaj has taken the responsibility for manufacturing while Renault-Nissan will be taking care of the marketing efforts of the ULC product.