AYRO proudly declares commencement of all-electric mini-truck in Texas

AYRO proudly declares commencement of all-electric mini-truck in Texas

AYRO, an electric mini-truck manufacturer headquartered in the Round Rock area of the US state of Texas, has just announced the start of production of its inaugural masterpiece – the AYRO Vanish, an electric utility truck boasting a revolutionary modular design engineered to thrive in dynamic urban landscapes.

Embarking on an exciting journey, the comparatively new EV manufacturer commenced the production with a captivating phase known as "low-rate initial production" (LRIP). This cautiously orchestrated phase represents a limited manufacturing run to validate the efficiency of the production processes as well as systems meticulously tailored to craft the commercial EV in question.

In the electrifying phase, each and every aspect of training, the precision of tools, the subtlety of processes, and the rigorous quality measures are under the company’s spotlight. In other words, the company is meticulously fine-tuning each and every element along the assembly line to ensure there is no loophole when series production of the AYRO Vanish starts.

Announcing the commencement of the limited production of the EV, AYRO Chief executive Officer (CEO) Tom Wittenschlaeger said in a statement that their inaugural masterpiece is set to redefine the art of urban utility vehicles.

In the newly released statement, “We believe entering LRIP for the Vanish is a major milestone for AYRO. Within a few weeks, we anticipate being able to deliver the first vehicles to our dealers and partners so they can begin showing and selling the Vanish beyond pre-orders.”

Pre-order books for the AYRO Vanish were opened by the company back in the month of May this year, when a $250 deposit through its online configurator secured reservation holders a spot in line for the $33,900 commercial EV. Around a month ago, the company completed homologation to receive its street-legal status in the U.S. and Canada.

The AYRO Vanish is a versatile commercial EV that comes prepared to meet a wide spectrum of requirements. The list of its configurations includes the foundational Flat Bed, which offers adaptability for various applications. The so-called Utility Bed is available in both heavy and light-duty versions.

In terms of performance, the AYRO Vanish has some really remarkable specifications. The battery-powered mini-truck is programmed to reach top speed of 25 MPH, which makes it a nimble urban companion, while its payload capacity is 1,200 lbs in LSV) trim and 1,800 lbs in non-LSV trim. Its estimated range of 50 miles on a single charge is also inspiring, although the actual range may fluctuate due to factors like temperature and terrain.

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