Avoid showering immediately after a manicure or pedicure

Avoid showering immediately after a manicure or pedicureMunich  - Just got a pedicure, and the polish is already half off the toenails? It might have something to do with showering.

To avoid the problem, wait six hours after a pedicure because water softens freshly applied nail polish, according to Elle magazine. Women who can't wait at least six hours should take a cold shower.

In addition a wait time of 90 minutes is recommended after a pedicure before putting on pantyhose or wearing closed shoes.

Also,make sure you dry the space in between your toes so they’re free of moisture. As fungi and bacteria thrive in such moist and warm places, you don’t want to give any possible fungi any reason to stick around.

It is advisable to not shave your legs at least 2 days prior to a pedicure in case you have any invisible nicks and cuts. The risk of infection from salons is usually high in such cases. (dpa)